• Venus Williams will have to pay a fine of three thousand Dollars

    October 4, 2015

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    Venus Williams will have to pay a fine of three thousand Dollars for keeping herself away from the media conference that had to take place after her match versus Sloan Stephens yesterday.

    Venus lost that match in straight sets and she was so upset that she stormed her way to the hotel without having any interaction with the media.

    She released a statement though, but, the organizing committee established that her not addressing the media was a fineable act and thus, she should be imposed the fine.

    The statement which Venus released read, “I was hoping for a good start which would have allowed me to get myself into the groove, but, it did not happen unfortunately. However, credit to Sloane for being so good on the day. She was exceptional.”

    Venus had been knocked out of the opening round of the French Open in 2013 as well and to suffer another upset in the same tournament a couple of years later, her frustration level must have been reaching sky high, but, the seasoned campaigners like her are supposed to respect the rules and regulations.

    No player, if given a choice, would opt to talk to the media after an embarrassing defeat, but, still, they do because that’s how it is. You are answerable to the press as well as your fans.

    Everybody knows what sort of questions the journalists would have put in front of Venus in the conference hall. She should have been courageous enough to go in and answer all of them.

    Venus has actually confronted a lot of things in life with utmost courage. She has always been a bold lady. So, for her to skip a press conference like that, it was a bit of a surprise.

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