May 16, 2017 // Comments Off on SHARAPOVA’S CONTROVERSY GOOD FOR WTA?

    The world is still angry that WTA star Maria Sharapova is back to the world of tennis after her doping scandal.

    She returned to the game hours after her suspension was lifted. She had to go to the Court of Arbitration (CAS) to get her suspension cut from 24 months to 15. Her PR team has been working hard to paint the whole issue as a big misunderstanding and she a victim.

    Her competitors are not excited at her return, and they have not been quiet about it. They are saying as an athlete she is responsible for her body and all that goes into it, arguing that her ignorance of the new doping rules does not count.

    Many argue that granting her wild cards at tournament without any ranking and considering the situation, it is bad precedence. Sharapova has been making headlines from when she was a teenager and it would not stop now. And it seems the controversy is just convenient for the WTA.

    Sharapova started very strong, and she has so far pulled five Grand Slams. She is now the regular case of a sweetheart turned villain with the scandal. Her appeal, return and wild card has been headlines. (more…)

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    Nick Kyrgios can Level any Top Player

    August 12, 2016 // Comments Off on Nick Kyrgios can Level any Top Player

    If someone from Australia can level up with Lleyton Hewitt in terms of name and fame in the game of Tennis, it’s Nick Kyrgios.

    The youngster doesn’t have a major yet, but, the talent is incredible and the glimpses suggest he can deliver a number of majors moving forward. However, he is not everyone’s favourite as he doesn’t have any control over his anger and he lets out unacceptable words even when he is in public view.

    But, Hewitt reckons every player has a certain personality and Nick Kyrgios also has one which he should not look to alter. He must remain as he is as fans want to see intense characters like him.

    The Wimbledon pre quarter final face-off is coming up for Kyrgios and he will have Andy Murray on the other side of the court, the player whom he has lost to three times back to back in the majors.

    However, the brattish Aussie had denied Murray a straight set win the last time he had met him in the American Open and he is taking confidence from that.

    When that New York match was mentioned and Kyrgios was asked if he can see it as a positive, stretching his Scottish opponent to four sets which he’d failed to do in the other slam matches against him, he said, “Definitely. It’s a positive.” (more…)

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    Nick Kyrgios is not offended at all by what John McEnroe has said

    December 22, 2015 // Comments Off on Nick Kyrgios is not offended at all by what John McEnroe has said

    Nick Kyrgios is not offended at all by what John McEnroe has said about him.

    He reckons he should take the positives out of the words of a legend.

    McEnroe, a former German player who is a winner of 7 Slams, is of the view that Kyrgios should have progressed much quicker than he has in the last 12 months and should have made it to top 5 by now.

    Kyrgios had stunned a lot of people by getting the better of Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon Championships the previous season.

    According to McEnroe, after that particular win of the Aussie youngster, he had thought that he would make some big strides and would rise quickly in the rankings, but, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

    When asked about that in a talk show yesterday, Kyrgios said, “I have got a lot of respect for Mr. McEnroe for what he has achieved in Tennis and I would take his views as inspiration. If he believes I have the capability to become one of the best in the world, there can’t be a bigger compliment for me. I have been working hard on my fitness as well as on my game and I am sure it will show in my performances in the coming time.” (more…)

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    Venus Williams will have to pay a fine of three thousand Dollars

    October 4, 2015 // Comments Off on Venus Williams will have to pay a fine of three thousand Dollars

    Venus Williams will have to pay a fine of three thousand Dollars for keeping herself away from the media conference that had to take place after her match versus Sloan Stephens yesterday.

    Venus lost that match in straight sets and she was so upset that she stormed her way to the hotel without having any interaction with the media.

    She released a statement though, but, the organizing committee established that her not addressing the media was a fineable act and thus, she should be imposed the fine.

    The statement which Venus released read, “I was hoping for a good start which would have allowed me to get myself into the groove, but, it did not happen unfortunately. However, credit to Sloane for being so good on the day. She was exceptional.”

    Venus had been knocked out of the opening round of the French Open in 2013 as well and to suffer another upset in the same tournament a couple of years later, her frustration level must have been reaching sky high, but, the seasoned campaigners like her are supposed to respect the rules and regulations.

    No player, if given a choice, would opt to talk to the media after an embarrassing defeat, but, still, they do because that’s how it is. You are answerable to the press as well as your fans. (more…)

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