May 16, 2017

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    The world is still angry that WTA star Maria Sharapova is back to the world of tennis after her doping scandal.

    She returned to the game hours after her suspension was lifted. She had to go to the Court of Arbitration (CAS) to get her suspension cut from 24 months to 15. Her PR team has been working hard to paint the whole issue as a big misunderstanding and she a victim.

    Her competitors are not excited at her return, and they have not been quiet about it. They are saying as an athlete she is responsible for her body and all that goes into it, arguing that her ignorance of the new doping rules does not count.

    Many argue that granting her wild cards at tournament without any ranking and considering the situation, it is bad precedence. Sharapova has been making headlines from when she was a teenager and it would not stop now. And it seems the controversy is just convenient for the WTA.

    Sharapova started very strong, and she has so far pulled five Grand Slams. She is now the regular case of a sweetheart turned villain with the scandal. Her appeal, return and wild card has been headlines.

    Competitors have been publicly speaking against her return and the star has been responding. She recently rose above the comments from Eugenie Bouchard. With each happening she seems to become more sellable.

    Sharapova’s case is comparable to that of Alex Rodriguez, the baseball star. The whole thing just keeps people involved back to back as they hope to get a chance to nail her to the cross. One could argue that the games get the traffic and there is one less incentive to keep these embattled stars off the court/pitch.

    Many would watch the Porsche Grand Prix for the first time to see the Russian star in action – something they would not have done. So is the controversy good for the WTA? Your guess is as good as mine.

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