• Nick Kyrgios can Level any Top Player

    August 12, 2016

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    If someone from Australia can level up with Lleyton Hewitt in terms of name and fame in the game of Tennis, it’s Nick Kyrgios.

    The youngster doesn’t have a major yet, but, the talent is incredible and the glimpses suggest he can deliver a number of majors moving forward. However, he is not everyone’s favourite as he doesn’t have any control over his anger and he lets out unacceptable words even when he is in public view.

    But, Hewitt reckons every player has a certain personality and Nick Kyrgios also has one which he should not look to alter. He must remain as he is as fans want to see intense characters like him.

    The Wimbledon pre quarter final face-off is coming up for Kyrgios and he will have Andy Murray on the other side of the court, the player whom he has lost to three times back to back in the majors.

    However, the brattish Aussie had denied Murray a straight set win the last time he had met him in the American Open and he is taking confidence from that.

    When that New York match was mentioned and Kyrgios was asked if he can see it as a positive, stretching his Scottish opponent to four sets which he’d failed to do in the other slam matches against him, he said, “Definitely. It’s a positive.”

    “Look, Andy isn’t inhumane for sure and so he can be defeated and Grass court is my favourite without any doubt. So, I would definitely like to assume I have enough to defeat Andy playing on Grass.”

    “I back myself in any competition I enter. I enter just for the title and it’s an open competition anyway. After Djoko’s elimination, many players are in contention.”

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