• Koenig says age has caught up with Federer

    February 13, 2015 // Comments Off on Koenig says age has caught up with Federer

    Former South African professional tennis player Robbie Koenig believes age might play a huge role in Roger Federer winning another Grand Slam title. While the South African doesn’t doubt the level of play and enthusiasm the Swiss master has or the game, he believes Father Time has caught up with him and it could play a huge factor in him winning his 18th Grand Slam title.

    Koenig stated that Federer still believes he can win another Grand Slam title and he mentioned that when someone has been as successful and done so much as Roger, he is in the right to believe in his capabilities to win another major title. But he mentioned that there comes a time in a professional tennis player’s life when he crosses the age of 30, he gets off days and on those days, more often than not, he loses which wouldn’t have been the case in his prime. (more…)

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